Bespoke Packages

If you’re looking for a specific kind of fitness training service, we can work with you to provide something that will meet your needs, whether it be for yourself, friends, family or work colleagues. Examples of the kind of stuff we do are:

Workplace Health Programmes

We are often brought in by employers to deliver fun exercise and team-building sessions to staff. Numerous studies have shown than if employees in a company are healthier and fitter, they are more productive at work. It creates improved levels of concentration and an enhanced ability to cope with stress. Our trainers can come to your corporate headquarters and do the training there if there is room, or to a part or something nearby if you prefer.

Private Session Gift Vouchers

One of our private session vouchers makes an excellent gift for a friend or loved one. If your girlfriend or boyfriend is putting on some pounds and you want to get their body back to looking its best for your mutual pleasure, send them to us and we’ll get them fit again in both senses of the word.